Data from any source

With generic data connectors, links with ERP software and other IT systems are possible. The management of the data traffic is supported with visual data flows and a toolbox of standard functions, triggers and conditions.

Internet of Things (IoT) services

Data from industrial and Internet of Things (IoT) objects can also be customized and graphically shaped in a mobile application. With innovative services, data from PLCs and/or sensors can be sent directly to the platform for use in apps.

Data connections - add-ons

Any2info has a lot of knowledge and experience in the link with industrial systems. For this purpose standard drivers - connectors - services - APIs are available for:

  • OPC Server
  • Siemens PLC
  • Sensors - IoT objects

Any2info provides a special Excel function for free to make data (in table format) available quickly and easily in the applications on the platform.

Data can also be exported from the applications to Excel.

If you, as a company, use specific software tools (plug-ins) or complex calculations, Any2info can support this with its Add-on management module.

Configure with flows

The standard data management module includes:

  • Flow overviews
  • Triggers - adjustable frequency for data traffic
  • Import and export functions to external systems
  • Query functions
  • Pivot tables
  • Calculation modules

All data stored by it is checked against the criteria to be set. In case of disturbances in the data traffic, alert mails can be set which inform system administrators (repeatedly).

We can connect with virtually any system. Unavailable connectors can be developed to measure. Ask for the possibilities.