Business IT

Business processes are often insufficiently digitized. The ERP systems in use are built up of fixed structures and do not have or have limited mobile applications suitable for the process.

Industry & Internet of Things

More and more machines, installations and other objects are connected to each other. The manner of information exchange and the analysis of large amounts of data will therefore change considerably.

Expansion & supplement ERP

Any2info makes it possible to quickly and easily extend your existing ERP and related software applications to mobile applications that match your business process.

Industrial IT & IoT

Any2info uses its innovative software applications to focus on connectivity with the most important types and / or brands of databases, PLCs, and sensors.

Solutions realized

Production and franchise of fast food with branches nationally and internationally. Solutions such as:

  • Digital order and transport registration and real-time info stocks

Regional training companies with thousands of seconded staff in installation and electro technology. Solutions such as:

  • Digital input of weekly statements, approval by relations and invoicing
  • Various progress, guidance and assessment forms
  • Digital pay slips
  • Various reporting dashboards

Worldwide purchasing of furniture. Solutions such as:

  • Container receipts and scanning
  • Digital order registration


Technical industrial service provider. Solutions such as:

  • Customer platform for reports of malfunctions
  • Failure registration
  • Dozens of standard inspection forms
  • Knowledge database with regard to work and invoicing

Real estate company with its own construction company for redevelopment, construction and renovation, renovation and management. Solutions such as :

  • Planning and executing work orders
  • Recording hours and materials
  • Quotations digital
  • Third party assignments
  • Digital approval relations

Global trade in fish products. Foreign cold stores and cold stores. Solutions such as:

  • Current inventory positions available in mobile
  • Cost declarations

Public facilities. Solutions such as:

  • Digital creation, planning, assignment and execution of work assignments with site drawings and supporting photos
  • Display on maps of locations and statuses of work assignments


In various branches

Installation and electrical engineering. Solutions such as:

  • Online monitoring of installations on conditions (sensors) combined with digital inspections and knowledge database
  • Use of mini computers for data traffic with sensors

Manufacturer of food products. Solutions such as:

  • Registration of downtime failures
  • Real-time OEE measurements
  • Registration of PLC data from machine and installations

Monitoring system fault registration from robot units. Solutions such as:

  • Fault registration and trend graphs - pareto's

Offshore industry. Solutions such as:

  • Digital registration - processing of service orders
  • Automatic links to weekly statements, invoicing and compensation

European distribution center for hardware components. Solutions such as:

  • Dashboards per customer with relevant control information – KPI
  • Action lists digitally with forms

Work and test instructions available digitally on assembly lines. Solutions such as:

  • Digital order management
  • Documents available online

Production and service company for curtainsiders and other components for trailers. Solutions such as:

  • Digital registration of components and dimensions in the preparation of quotation assignments