Digitize business processes

Business processes are often still insufficiently digitized. The IT systems in use have no or limited suitable mobile applications.

Increase the effectiveness of your employees with the deployment of new - mobile - applications. Work smart and with more efficiency!

Mobile creats new copportunities

Any2info makes it possible to quickly and easily expand your existing software applications with mobile applications that match the business process.

Communicate directly and structured with in-app messages and alerts and thus immediately increase the productivity of the work.


A selection of - mobile - features available in the applications:

Camera and video

Add photos and video's to forms directly in the application itself or as an attachment. For example useful for:

  • recording vouchers and cost statements
  • clarifying work instructions
Digital signature

Digital signature on forms to approve performed work.

Navigation and GPS

Navigate to work addresses and display and update (realtime) location info.

Speech to Text - Text to speech

Use available speech functions and convert it directly to text. Also written text can be spoken.


Create your step to step workflows customized for your business processes and available for specific users.


Use barcodes, QR codes and NFC (Near Field Communication) to directly filter data and display relevant information in the application.


It is possible to make relevant documents (PDF, Excel, Word etc.) available in the application. Upload these documents directly from (cloud) folder storage.

Chat - messages - time line

Communicate with your employees and/or relations by chat, direct messages and (automatically) alerts.

View all notifications on an individual time line.

Case studies

A selection of realized solutions in various industries

  • Digital order and transport registration and real-time info stocks
Training company learning
  • Digital input of weekly statements, approval by relations and invoicing
  • Various progress, guidance and assessment forms
  • Digital pay slips
  • Various reporting dashboards
  • Container receipts and scanning
  • Digital order registration
Service & inspections
  • Customer platform for reports of malfunctions
  • Failure registration
  • Dozens of standard inspection forms
  • Knowledge database with regard to work and invoicing
Condition monitoring
  • Online monitoring of installations on conditions (sensors) combined with digital inspections and knowledge database
  • Use of mini computers for data traffic with sensors
Food industry - OEE
  • Registration of downtime failures
  • Real-time OEE measurements
  • Registration of PLC data from machine and installations
  • Fault registration and trend graphs - pareto's
Service & time registration
  • Digital registration - processing of service orders
  • Automatic links to weekly statements, invoicing and compensation
Real estate
  • Planning and executing work orders
  • Recording hours and materials
  • Quotations digital
  • Third party assignments
  • Digital approval relations
Import and export
  • Current inventory positions available in mobile
  • Cost declarations
Municipal service
  • Digital creation, planning, assignment and execution of work assignments with site drawings and supporting photos
  • Display on maps of locations and statuses of work assignments
Logistics services
  • Dashboards per customer with relevant control information – KPI
  • Action lists digitally with forms
Shop Floor Control
  • Digital order management
  • Documents available online
  • Digital registration of components and dimensions in the preparation of quotation assignments