Design new - mobile - applications

All applications are tailor-made so that they can be fully equipped for your specific work. With available templates you can quickly convert your own ideas and designs into an effective business application.

Apps and desktop

The applications can be built within a few daysand they are available on desktop (all main browsers) and on mobile devices as an app (Apple and Google Play).

Customizable screens

Design the best user interfaces, including company colors, logos, images and icons.


Any2info offers state of the art security including Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA).

Cloud and on-premise

The software is available as a (private) cloud solution or on-premises on local hardware.

Smart apps

Make your applications smart!

Use logic with rules - formulas that automatically perform actions on fields of a form and / or dashboard.

Data management

With generic data connectors existing IT-systems and industrial and IoT objects are easily to connect. The management of the data traffic is designed and supported with visual data flows.

Triggers and alerts

Data from industrial and Internet of Things (IoT) objects can trigger customized business rules and send (alert)messages directly to the apps. Users can act immediately on signals and on key KPI data.
Connect to your IT systems and communication platform(s)

Any2info easily integrates with ERP and MES systems and connects to your communication platforms f.e. Microsoft Office and Teams.

Industrial – Internet of Things

Any2info has a lot of knowledge and experience in the link with industrial systems. Standard connectors - services - APIs are available for OPC UA Server, Siemens PLC, IoT objects.

Word and Excel Add-in

Any2info provides a special Word and Excel function for free to make data available quickly and easily in the applications.

Toolbox functions

The standard data management module includes f.e.:

  • Flow overviews
  • Triggers - adjustable frequency for data traffic
  • Import and export functions to external systems
  • Query functions
Validation rules

All data stored by it is checked against the criteria to be set. In case of disturbances in the data traffic, alert mails can be set which inform system administrators (repeatedly).

Custom API

We can connect with virtually any system. Unavailable connectors can be developed on request. Ask for the possibilities.