No-code development platform

With Any2info you do not build on the traditional method, but you can quickly and easily design new applications without programming.

The platform has standard tools and templates that allow you to quickly convert your own ideas and designs into an effective business application.


The applications can be built within a few days and are available as an app in the Apple and Google Play stores and as a portal on all major browsers.

And with that you have new mobile solutions with direct added value in the further digitization of business processes and information.

Design new applications

The applications of Any2info are available on desktop on all major browsers and on mobile (tablet and phone) as a business app in the stores of Apple and Google Play.

This gives you complete freedom for the selection of your device and every employee has the relevant information for him or her anywhere, and on any device.

Create digital forms quickly and easily in your own house style.

All applications are tailor made so that you do not have to adapt your business processes to the software, but your - mobile - software is adapted to your specific work.

Various dashboards help you to manage business processes and in this way your mobile has all the important KPIs.

Set up the screens within Any2info in such a way that they fully match your own business processes and relevant (real-time) information).

With available models and templates, new applications can be created quickly and easily for each specific business process.

Screens can be formatted for specific use on phone, tablet or desktop (configurable resolutions) but can also be automatically adjusted with "scaling functions" to the device used.


Use logic with rules - formulas that automatically perform actions on fields of a form and / or dashboard. The rules, conditions, values ​​and actions are adjustable.

This way you can, for example, show or hide certain fields depending on the information that is entered.

At your own discretion, buttons can also be created with associated actions - events that can be executed automatically.


In case no internet connection is available, employees can take necessary forms offline for entering data.

Any2info ensures that all data is available locally and you are again within reach of an internet connection, then you upload all the data quickly and easily.

In a period of days, a design is converted into an actual application and existing business processes are given a new and efficient digital dimension.


Customized and mobile

With Any2info software you can design mobile applications and implement business logic without the need for programming.

All dashboards and forms (screens) can be visually designed. Use the drag-and-drop interface for quick, easy design, layout or customization. Adjustments are available directly in the applications.

In the designer studio you can quickly and easily design the basic design of the applications with company colors, logos, images and icons.

Data exchange with virtually all ERP systems is possible, but also with other (industrial) IT systems and Internet of Things objects.

The software can be operational as a (private) cloud solution or locally (on-premises) on available hardware.

Translations of the display texts used in the app (explanatory texts on the various fields) can be recorded in any language. Users can then choose from the available languages ​​themselves.

In the application, requirements from the General Data Protection Regulation, can be set up according to your own conditions.

Creation of privacy statements, goals of the use of the application as well as the mandatory reporting of external data sources can be recorded.

Each new user will only have access to the application after approval of the privacy conditions shown in PDF.