Any2info works together with partners for sales and implementation, in particular suppliers and service providers of ERP software, industrial IT and IoT products. Partners are responsible for the complete sales process, including the software implementation and customer support. Of course we support our partners in the entire process.

We work together with:


Business partners: IT suppliers and service providers who independently sell and implement Any2info solutions and serve their own customers.

Software partners: Software suppliers for cooperation in the field of standard interfaces and the selling of customized mobile applications as an addition to the own product suite.

Technology partners: Suppliers of industrial systems looking for complementary mobile applications for visualization and data analysis.

Why become a partner?

As a partner of Any2info you can increase the added value for your customers by providing custom mobile solutions that support business processes digitally and make information available in real-time on any type of device (smartphone, tablet, desktop).

New opportunities


Any2info software offers you the possibility to realize mobile applications for your clients in a short time, without the use of program code (No-code platform).

Applications are visually composed and the phase from design to realization is very flexible and scalable in relation to desired functionality and user interface.

Connections to data are made with standard drivers and are visualized and maintained with data flows.

Specific technical IT knowledge is not necessary and where necessary there are short training courses and a practical learning curve.

The software of Any2info distinguishes itself in its wide range of applications and the connection with (and combination of) data from ERP, Industrial IT and IoT.