The Any2info software has a large number of functions and applications.

All dashboards and forms can be made up with basic components such as:

  • Buttons
  • Icons
  • Labels
  • Text fields
  • Numeric fields
  • Date Time
  • Pictures
  • Separators
  • Checkboxes
  • Maps
  • Download PDF
  • Video
  • Web links
  • Filter functions
  • Sort functions
  • Calculation functions (numeric and time)

Available for graphical display of information include:

  • Grid overviews
  • Bar- line- and circle- diagrams
  • Legends
  • Panels
  • Radial and linear gauges
  • Compare indicator
  • Progress indicator
  • Pareto charts

Figures and trends, based on (live) data sources, are accessible quickly and everywhere, and in a form and layout as desired by a specific user.

By digitizing reports and using them in an app, direct monitoring and real-time analysis of business processes and important KPIs becomes possible.

For all forms that are in use, overviews can be set up at their own discretion and these have standard functions for searching, filtering and sorting.

This creates screens that ensure that the end user easily finds the information he needs.

Select relationships, objects, activities, materials and other items from predefined lists.

These lists can be automatically loaded from linked IT systems or can be added quickly and easily with the Excel Add-on module.

Lists can be included if:

  • Drop down
  • Check box
  • Radio buttons
  • Search

In the application you lay down complete tree structures consisting of one or more objects. The object parts can be selected quickly and easily with scanning functions.

With handy date-time and/or start and stop functions you can quickly register a simple amount of hours spent on work.

With the available links, changes are immediately updated in the ERP software for invoicing and/or remuneration.

Based on certain criteria, a fixed layout can be set up that is often used in specific forms. Any2info calls this master forms.

This makes it possible to quickly create multiple (parts of) forms with fixed structures.

Changes in the standard layouts are immediately implemented on all relevant forms.

Add photos to forms directly in the application itself or as an attachment to forms. For example, useful for recording vouchers and cost statements.

Place a digital signature and approve in this way performed work.

YouTube videos can be recorded on a form and on dashboards, for example for instructions or as supporting media.

From Any2info you navigate to the right address without manual input of addresses and if desired you always know where employees are located.

Use barcodes, QR codes and NFC (Near Field Communication) to directly filter data from lists.

Objects can also be provided with a QR code. In the Any2info software, such a QR code ("tag") can be created and a function can be assigned to it.

Scanning the "tag on the object" immediately displays relevant forms and information in the application.

It is possible to make relevant documents available as PDF in the application.

Also with a configurable document service a "download link" can be made to files and folder structures in which documents are stored.

Design with self-configurable statuses and steps your work process and keep your employees and/or relations informed of changes by automatically generating messages - SMS or e-mail.

Add documents to forms, such as manuals, photos and other documents (PDF, Word, Excel).